Are You A Feminist/Anti-feminist??

Why I’m a feminist…

  • I’m a feminist not because of my views/opinions, only because it feels so cool to poke people over senseless things and no one can speak against me (because you know am a feminist!)
  • I like people to see myself as someone very oppressed and victimized (even though am not) just to play politics and to grab one or two opportunities.
  • I don’t fight for equal rights. I fight for superior rights.
  • I can do whatever I would like to do (no matters its legal or what) because am the flag bearer of feminism and can stop you from enjoying even your basic human rights because you are a man!
  • I can mock and make comment on anybody, anytime because am equal (actually superior) and its my right to express things but you cannot say a thing about any women because its sexist (its not btw!)
  • I will ask for reservations and quotas wherever it is possible to make things easy for me and I guess it wouldn’t be that tough (because FEMINISM is my weapon!)
  • I know I have got equal rights and the world is really not that bad for me but sorry, feminism is my bread and butter and you have no right to snatch that!

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Why I’m anti-feminist…

  • I’m an anti feminist because I cannot tolerate women having equal accesses and rights.
  • Strong woman makes me feel insecure and weak
  • Feminists are challenge to my masculinity
  • Ruling over women is my birth right and none of you can change that
  • I do believe, that the women are sent to the world only because they have to serve all the men and am not ashamed of that.
  • I beat and assault women, because its my responsibility to save women from getting out of their limits.
  • I like to live in the world where women are objectified
  • I enjoy the fact that men are preferred in the workplace because women have or might have children in the future
  • I love the way women are portrayed in computer games, comics  and movies.
  •  I would like to respect women but sorry assaulting them is the only way for me to feel superior and privileged!

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Why I’m none…

  • I’m neither a feminist nor an anti-feminist because I don’t look up to humans as men or women but as other human.
  • For me the rights of all the human beings should b entertained irrespective of gender or any other bias.
  • The one who is at fault, should get the punishment be it a man or woman.
  • I don’t believe in playing victim for my benefits.
  • I don’t believe that anybody is inferior and thus don’t assault others to prove my point.
  • I Respect you and expect the same.

whats your take on this?



When does a women in India finally settles down?

This other day I went to my friend’s house for a house party. There was this uncle, whose daughter used to be my senior back at school, she was a popular and very known student of the school because of her constant excellent performances in academics. I asked uncle about his wellbeing, everything is fine beta (son), its only that my daughter is not settling down with her life. I wondered as I knew that she is very successful and is working in a top firm. Uncle she is already very successfull. no? ya but she has to marry and can finally get settle down with her life. I was wondering again!

Really? I mean the same uncle had two sons and they too weren’t married, but he was not worried about his sons (may be because they still had time and for them works should always be a priority over marriage) . Why does we take this as a normal thing and nobody talks about this! why for a person with same age and status is supposed to have different priority just because they share different gender?? aren’t we very hypocrite? ohh who am asking to? Yes we are!

This thing is so uprooted in our society that even a top journalist(who is supposed to have an intellect mind) like Rajdeep Sardesai doesn’t feel weird in asking sexist  question to a very successfull sportswoman. On air with Sardesai, Sania Mirza (a famous Indian tennis player) was asked about motherhood and settling down and she couldn’t keep her calm for obvious reason, Sania gave a perfect reply to Rajdeep and got an apology. Here is how the conversation happened :

Sardesai: Amidst all the celebrityhood, when is Sania going to settle down? Is it going to be in Dubai? Is it going to be in any other country? What about motherhood… building a family… I don’t see all that in the book, it seems like you don’t want to retire just yet to settle down.

Mirza: You don’t think I’m settled?

Sardesai: You don’t talk about retirement, about raising a family, about motherhood, what’s life beyond tennis is going to be…

Mirza: You sound disappointed that I’m not choosing motherhood over being number one in the world at this point of time. But I’ll answer your question anyway, that’s the question I face all the time as a woman, that all women have to face — the first is marriage and then it’s motherhood. Unfortunately, that’s when we’re settled, and no matter how many Wimbledons we win or number ones in the world we become, we don’t become settled. But eventually it will happen, not right now. And when it does happen I’ll be the first one to tell everybody when I plan to do that.

Sardesai: I must apologise, I framed that question very badly. I promise you, you’re right, I would never ask this question to a male athlete…

Mirza: I’m so glad, you’re the first journalist to apologise to me on national television.


Sania being a strong and successfull lady gave a befitting response (which is very apllausable) but what if the same question was asked to some other girl, how would she have replied?? in the same manner as Sania did? well I don’t think so.

No doubt things have been changing but still we have to go a way ahead.

whats your take on this whole issue?

PS : My friend ‘N Mohan’ wanted me to write on this issue and I would like to thank her for making me think about the matter. thanks ! 🙂