watching TV in India

If you are a foreigner and somehow happens to watch any content on Indian TV channels, you would be disappointed for sure! We really sucks in our TV content, be it the soap-operas or news channels or whatever. Indian TV serials have bad name all over the world and they deserve that. It doesn’t matter which channel you are watching, you ll always be seeing the same old story and they all have the similar plot with two women fighting over some silly reasons. Was it always the same? err I don’t think so! remember when we too used to have some quality shows back in the time?? we had our own jasoos Karamchand, then there was our very 1st super hero Shaktimaan and then there was this story of a common man struggling over counters (Office-Office). Even Ekta Kapoor had something good in her purse (Hum Paanch). But things changed like never before, instead of growing in quality and coming up with new concepts, TV shows started getting frustrating and everything got ruined over time. If this was not enough and all, different news and media houses decided to air craps. this would perhaps only be in India where people not just only watch news with title “Alien ne kiya ladki ka apharan” but also believe them!

And whose fault is this?

This is the time when even if household women are given a chance to select something quality over present craps, chances are 99% that they would choose to continue watching Saas-Bahu and ghatiya crap! a graduate men would rather watch a masaledar alien news than an educational show on National Geography. no?

We have become used to it and our mind can no longer appreciate a quality show. there is a reason indian channels dont come up with something like’The Simpsons’ and ‘Breaking Bad’.

what do you think? how can the things be changed??


6 thoughts on “watching TV in India

  1. Actually bro you forgot more mentionables like vikram metal alif laila byomkesh bakshi among others.
    And this is all so funny not crappy I think you forgot those triple replay slow motion shots with music of dhedhang

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    1. all the shows you have mentioned were actually very amazing ^_^
      Don’t know why nowadays even with all the technology they are not able to create the same magic 😦
      Those triple replay shots are actually very funny 😉 :p


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