Here it goes for the first time!…

Hello! This would be the first time when I’m writing something as an online blogger. Seriously I have no idea from where to start and with what to start with. Anyway this is about the time when I was like 9 or 10, when I first watched this Harry Potter movie (The sorcerer’s stone) and was so mesmerized by the movie. when I came to know that the movie is based on a novel, I decided to write one by my own! and then this 10 years old would often sit to write stories with all those passion a young writer should have. But there were few problems, this boy would never complete a single story and would move to another one after writing few pages, also he would always end up copying the basic story line of HP in his all the stories, and what else could he do when this little young boy was so much impressed with the concept of this magic school Hogwarts and couldn’t think of anything else. Time went by and this boy grew up but he still hadn’t a single completed story. one day the boy thought, “may be now is the time…!”

Don’t know if I should thank Harry Potter or J.K. Rowling for my love of writing.Your reviews on my works/articles/blog would always be appreciated. help me in becoming a better writer.

Wingardium Laviosa! 


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